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I was traveling from Chicago to Marshall and received a recommendation to stay at The Way Inn and I'm so glad I did because I love this B&B!!! The website informs that it was built in 1853 in the Queen Anne style. What I found out was that it is also perfectly located in historic Marshall's downtown just off the famous Brooks Memorial Fountain and an easy walk past the equally famous Honolulu House to Michigan Avenue, the "Historic Main Street" and heart of Marshall, MI. The house is beautifully restored and kept up. Andy, the owner, has managed to the delicate balance between accommodations and comfort. The rooms have what you want as a traveler, especially a comfortable bed, dark blinds, and free WiFi...yet The Way Inn feels like a home and it's easy to relax as if you're visiting an old friend. I suspect this is because Andy lived there with his family for nearly 15 years before he turned his home into a B&B. Besides the comfortable and clean rooms, the highlights for me were the REAL breakfast Andy cooked and ate with us in the morning (seriously, he cut fresh fruit, made a real quiche, and served tasty coffee...all after carefully checking to make sure nobody had any food allergies or dietary requirements), the beautiful trees surrounding the B&B and gardens, and the conversations with Andy, the owner (he loves to answer questions about the history of the house and Marshall, give recommendations on restaurants, bars, and shopping in downtown Marshall, and even share some great stories about himself that will make you feel like family by the time you finish your trip!). While in Marshall, I ate dinner at Schuler's Restaurant and had a beer at Dark Horse Brewing Company...I recommend checking out both establishments! I recommend The Way Inn Bed & Breakfast for romantic getaways, historic tour trips, weekend out of the city escapes, or even business travel. If you love B&Bs, this is the one to stay in when in Marshall. Best, John K. Schertz, TX

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